We are the San Jose State University Robotics Team.

A group of talented engineers.

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Updated: November 2021





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Current Project

This year, SJSU Robotics plans on re-entering the University Rover Challenge (URC) for the 2021 competition. The competition involves designing, constructing and controlling a Mars rover with the objective of helping astronauts on Mars. The rover must be able to dig up and inspect samples, travel through rough mountainous desert terrain, perform tasks such as turning levers, picking up and delivering objects, flip switches, be teleoperated from miles away, and also traverse terrain autonomously.

Who Can Join

The competitions we enter require the fields of Mechanical, Computer, Electrical, Chemical, Software, and Aerospace Engineering along with other STEM fields such as Computer Science, Geology, Chemistry, and Physics. Our Business team also looks for people with any kind of business or communications background. We accept students from all walks of engineering, science and business.

Our Team

The San Jose State University Robotics Team is a student-driven multi-disciplinary team with an emphasis in robotics design. Our main goal is to use the skills we have obtained in our academic coursework to further the boundaries of what can be achieved in the field of robotics. Through the few years of our existence, we have evolved from a club focused on small projects into a competition-oriented team, participating in the RASC-AL RoboOps competition in the past and the University Rover Competition (URC) in the present.

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Meet Our Leads


Maxim Vovenko

Electrical Lead

Santosh Dasari

Mechanical Lead

Nathanael Garza

Control Systems Lead

Vishnu Adda

Treasurer & Mission Control Lead

Mason Sage

President & Autonomy Lead

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San Jose State University

Saturday 12 pm to 2 pm

Room : ENGR 391/393

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